Current customers can log into Pet Check below:

Pet Check Features

QR Technology

We “Scan In” when a visit has started and “Scan Out” when we leave. You will be notified in real-time at each scan.

Email Alerts

Every time we arrive, you will be notified in real-time. You will also receive a comprehensive report (with cute pics) at the end of the visit straight to your email!

GPS Tracking

You’ll be able to see where we walked with your pet from the app’s GPS tracking.

Convenient App

Pet Check can be accessed online through their website, but you can also download the app for added convenience!

Pet Check FAQ’s

How do I start using Pet Check?

  1. Log-in online (not the app) with the sign on information we provided
  2. Review & update your payment info
  3. Start scheduling services!

Where do I need to keep the QR code?

The QR codes are magnetic, so you’re welcome to put them on the fridge or anywhere they stick. The only important thing is that our employees know where the QR code is at every visit and that it’s easily accessible! Please be aware that if the QR code is lost, there is a $15 fee as we will need to purchase a new QR code from Pet Check and deliver to your home.

How do I add my credit card information?

  1. Log into Pet Check online at
  2. Click “Your Account” on the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click “Payment Info” tab
  4. Add your payment information that will be used to automatically pay invoices every Monday.
    • Note: aMANda’S BEST FRIEND does NOT store any credit card information. All entry and updates are made from the customer side and is stored on the back-end using PayPal Braintree.

How do I make a schedule request?

  1. Log into Pet Check online at
  2. On the “Dashboard” home screen, click “Request Service”
  3. Select which pet(s) you’d like service for, the date, time, frequency, and any helpful comments
  4. Once your Request is approved, you will receive an email and can then view the Service on the “Scheduler” page of Pet Check

How do I update my pets' information?

  1. Log into Pet Check online at
  2. Click “Your Account” on the upper right-hand corner
  3. Click “Pets” tab
  4. Click “Edit” on the pet profile
  5. Make necessary updates in any of the fields, then click “Save Changes”

Do I have to download the app?

The app is primarily used to review the schedule and visit reports. For updating your password, pet information, and payment information using the website is necessary. Regardless of whether you have the app or not, you’ll receive email notifications. If you’d like to download the app, it’s called “Pet Check: Pet Owner.”